Atlantic Bulk Carrier
Atlantic Bulk Carrier
Genlack developed a responsive custom Wordpress theme that includes backend office and staff management, vaction requests, file uploading and online employment applications.
MLB BallPark PassPort
For MLB Ballpark Pass-Port Genlack created an original Wordpress theme, custom plug-ins and an ecommerce system to market thier MLB-related products.
Coach Ron Nash Interactive Coaching website image
Coach Ron Nash's Interactive Coaching
Coach Ron Nash's Interactive Coaching
Genlack created a complete online coaching center, that includes video playback, an automated customer support system, an AI Chatbot and event scheduling system for Coach Ron Nash, a leading Career Development coach.
Dubow Mediation
Genlack created an original Dubow Mediation website with custom blogging and content management features.
TCA Global Fund
Genlack developed a responsive custom theme for this original Wordpress membership site. For TCA Global Fund we implemented custom membership systems, registration and email notifications.
Waterview Realty Services
Waterview Realty Services
For Waterview Realty Genlack developed a responsive custom Wordpress theme. The site includes custom subscriptions, mailing list integration and real estate listings management.
Relay Blue
Relay Blue
Relay Blue required an original website that was tightly integrated with their social media activities and included a portfolio element.
Checks and Balances Project
For this government watchdog group we created an orginal responsive Wordpress theme and developed some unique content aggregation components, allowing content to be fed to the site via Pocket.
Bostrom Graphics
For Bostrom Graphics we created a Portfolio and blog site based on designed supplied by our design partner (who was also our client in this case).
Your talented, experienced website development team will include:
  • A graphic designer to develop a fresh and vibrant identity for your company and a productive marketing strategy for your website.
  • Web developers who will build you a state-of-the-art, adaptable website that will function across all platforms, including desktops, tablets, notebooks and mobile devices.
  • A professional copy editor. Whether you provide the content or we write it for you, we’ll work with you to make sure your content reads as professionally as your site looks.

We’ve built and continue to maintain successful websites for small businesses, non-profits, e-commerce and media production companies [Link to portfolio?]. Click on “Process” to see how we’ll do the same for you.


At Genlack, we custom build every website. We never use commercial templates or out-of-the-box website designs. The features of your site will be unique to your organization.

Your site starts with a team meeting with your web developer and our highly experienced, marketing-savvy graphic designer. We’ll build your brand and design your site to give your customers a user experience that will help you grow your business. We will meet with you for your approval and input every step of the way until your site looks great and accomplishes your marketing goals.


After our initial meeting we’ll determine the best system, framework and software to accomplish your goals. For many of our clients we’ll use Wordpress to build your site. Creating your site in Wordpress allows for ease of use for your staff and provides a robust future development path making it easy to add new pages, posts and products to the site. However, there are many cases where a different Content Management System (CMS), like Drupal, Magento, a custom solution or just a static HTML website will be called for. We’ll present you with the best options based on your company goals.

Great design is more than just how something looks. It also determines how your site functions.

At Genlack no design is begun until we completely understand the intended purpose of the site and the business goals that the site represents. Then we create a design that will most effectively guide your users’ experience of your website.

Site Organization

Your site will be organized based on your content and the needs of your project. Some websites may require several layers of menus with multiple options under each, while others will only need one big BUY HERE button. The way the site is organized, along with the User Interface and User Experience provides a clear path through the site to convert users into customers.

UI/UX Theming

User interface design maximizes the effectiveness of your website, moving your visitor through the website along the intended path, without drawing attention to the design and process itself. Graphics and typography encourage the visitor to act. The site themeing process balances the needs of technical functionality and aesthetics to create a system that is both operational and adaptable to your goals for the visitor to your site.

Identity & Branding A company's brand is critical to its success.

We develop your company's brand in two phases:

  • Brand Strategy — Before you can launch an effective brand, our designer will work with you to develop the concept you use to describe, differentiate and promote your business.
  • Brand Tools — Strong brands are easily recognized and memorable. With a sophisticated set of brand tools you can take your brand strategy confidently into the marketplace. These include your logo, color palette, typography, imagery and all the online and offline collateral materials that represent your firm and its competitive advantage.

If necessary we’ll recommend some investment in brand development so that your website has a foundation upon which to grow.

At Genlack, we take the worry out of the web.

Our clients don’t worry about technical issues because we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. In fact, we strive to provide concierge support services. Support is just a click away, where you’ll be connected with your project’s developer who understands your website better than anyone.


Once your site is developed and ready for launch we’ll teach you how to update and maintain your site. We also provide clear documentation and tutorials written specifically for your site. These are not generic “how-to’s,” but very specific steps on how to add content or products to your site, back up your site, update your content and keep your site secure. Each new site development project includes a two-hour online live training session that can include anyone within your organization that has access to the site.

Site Administration

Administering your website includes adding products, adding content, monitoring security issues, providing email support and troubleshooting. At Genlack, we create clear and simple administration systems for our websites. In our first meeting, we’ll determine your technical capabilities and how much of your site’s administration you want to do yourself. We’ll base your development plan on hitting that goal. We also offer a complete monthly maintenance webmaster package if you want to let us administer your site.


Website security is not one simple action but an ongoing series of preventative measures. At Genlack we’ll keep the software that runs your website up to date. We keep up on the latest security updates and are well versed in the latest anti-hacking techniques. In the unlikely event that your website is compromised, we’ll get you up and running again quickly.