STEVE LACK - Founder, System Administrator and Web Develpoment Lead

For the last two decades, I’ve been pushing the technological limits of web development. My favorite projects are the ones other developers tell you are impossible. My favorite clients are the visionary ones—the ones who drop a big idea in my lap and want to execute it in a novel way.

There are no Wordpress plug-ins that do what I do, no themes you can buy to cut corners. I've built close to 200 websites over 20-plus years and have developed a reputation for custom-coded websites that use technology in innovative ways.

My involvement doesn’t end when a new project launches, either. Some of my client relationships are more than a decade old. My longevity and dedication to my clients mean that when their businesses grow, I’m right there with them, upgrading their websites to suit their evolving visions.

Interested in discussing your next project? Chat with me here or fill out the contact form below.

Lindy Bostrom - Bostrom Graphics, Website Design Partner

Experts in the field of design and web development, Bostrom Graphics' specialties include company identity and brand development, web design (including UI/UX), infographics, publishing, packaging, original illustration and printed materials of all kinds. We assist with developing a recognizable look and feel for all of your business-related materials that is consistent across all platforms and mediums.