Web Hosting

Genlack offers a personalized web hosting experience with customized services tailored to your needs. We’ll help you create a new website, move your site, register your domain, add email accounts and backup your site.

Domain Registration

If you haven't yet registered your desired domain, you will need to register it before your site will be visible on the web. If you've recently registered a new domain, it will take 24-48 hours for the domain to propagate, meaning to be available to access on the Internet.

Register a new domain or transfer your current domain here.

Hosting Plans

Your website has a home on the World Wide Web. The space it occupies is called the web server. Your site is said to be “hosted” by the server where it is located. Genlack offers two levels of hosting services:

  • Shared Hosting: The number of sites that a server hosts affects the speed at which a site loads. Most hosts will cram over 100 on a server. Genlack's shared hosting servers only contain a maximum of 15 websites per server. Genlack's servers all feature SSD (solid state drives) and therefore your website runs faster than normal shared hosting.
  • Private Hosting: Also known as a Virtual Private Server, places your website on its own web server. This not only allows your site to run faster, but also offers an additional level of security and protection from hacking and spam.

Genlack's servers are monitored for any downtime 24 hours a day and response to any error messages is immediate. If there are any issues with your site or server they are usually fixed before you even know about it. We back up all websites we host to an offsite location. This is great for Wordpress users who install plugins that occasionally break the site. We can restore your site from a backup and have you up and running again quickly.