About Genlack

Genlack is a full-service custom web development firm that executes big ideas in uncommon ways. We work with change-makers in industries as diverse as career training/development, media production, fashion and healthcare.

Genlack offers the pioneering development of a boutique web consultancy studio, the reliability and 24/7 support of a large-scale tech company, and the individual attention of a one-on-one operation.

We offer:

Website Consultation  •  Mobile First Web Design & Development  •  Web Hosting  •  Support & Security

STEVE LACK - Founder, System Administrator and Web Develpoment Lead

Steve Lack, the founder of Genlack, has spent over 25 years in television, film, advertising and corporate video post-production and knows what it takes to be successful. He also has a love of all things web. (Go ahead, refer to him as your web geek if you want!) Steve has combined his television post-production experience and web savvy to create Genlack.com, a company focused on high production values as well as cutting-edge technology.

Lindy Bosrom - Bostrom Graphics, Website Design Partner

Experts in the field of design and web development, Bostrom Graphics' specialties include company identity and brand development, web design (including UI/UX), infographics, publishing, packaging, original illustration and printed materials of all kinds. We assist with developing a recognizable look &feel for all of your business-related materials that is consistent across all platforms and mediums.